The exchange of administrative data (insured person's number and insurance card number), specifically insured person's number and usage data, will only occur with our respective health insurance partners CSS or Visana and exclusively with the consent of users on a voluntary basis. User consent is transparently obtained through the Well app and can be revoked at any time. The data exchange takes place only with the respective health insurance of the user. 

Users share their data for study purposes to reduce costs, improve quality, and research new healthcare services. This is the only way to analyse the quantitative and qualitative effects of the Well app's use by our health insurance partners. 

By sharing their data, users make a significant contribution to the analysis of cost reductions and quality improvements in the healthcare system. 

Additional information on the use and revocation of data usage can be found in the document 'General Data Protection Statement WELL App' under section '8.2 Additional notifications.'